Care begins here.


Our Mission

The Mission of Van Wert Medical Services is to promote wellness, while providing quality health services through compassionate care to all patients, physicians, and providers we serve.

Service Commitments

1. We commit to be a role-model in the community by providing preeminent healthcare to Van Wert area residents, physicians and associates.

2. We commit to engage each patient, their family, as well as the referring physician in the continuum of care. We guarantee a patient/physician-centric community through professionalism and provider access that meets the needs, wants and priorities of our customers. Communication and compassion shall be the cornerstones of VWMS.

3. We commit to treat the patient; the diagnosis will not be our sole concern. Rather, we will treat the individual while guiding them through their healthcare experience. 

4. We commit to demonstrate best practices, making Van Wert Medical Services the providers of choice in our primary and secondary markets. Transparency in our service, operations, and clinical practices will be shared with all patients, and referring providers.

5. We commit to provide responsible billing practices. This responsibility includes: 

  • Corporate compliance to ensure all coding/billing policies are upheld
  • Same day response to patients with billing questions/concerns while providing skilled representatives that are accessible to meet the needs, wants and priorities of our customer
  • A clear and concise answer to all questions, with explanation of the due-diligence process, for all those we serve
  • We commit to work with patients that have financial hardships providing multiple options to pay for the services they receive