Community Health Improvement

Community Health Needs Assessment & Improvement Plan

In 2018, Van Wert Health undertook a community health needs assessment (CHNA), which is the activity and end-product of identifying and prioritizing the community's health needs. We did this by talking to community and hospital stakeholders, analyzing relevant public health and hospital data, and seeing where we could make the most impact in our neighborhoods and county.

A key component of the CHNA was to identify the top health priorities we'll address over fiscal years 2019, 2020, and 2021, as well as the implementation strategy that accompanies each CHNA. These strategies detail how we will address each identified priority and will guide our community benefit work over the next three years.

These are the priority health issues that Van Wert Health has adopted based on the 2018 CHNA:

  • Obesity and chronic disease
  • Mental health and substance use
  • Access to care and resources

Read the Van Wert County 2018 Community Health Needs Assessment here.

Read the 2019-2021 Hospital Improvement Plan here.