Safe Haven Baby Box

Baby Box

National Crisis Hotline

Caring for a child takes hard work, dedication, and devotion, but Van Wert Health understands that some individuals are unable to care for their newborn, so we’re proud to offer the Safe Haven Baby Box.

Currently, under Ohio Safe Haven Law, infants up to 30 days old may be surrendered at any hospital, fire department, law enforcement office, or other emergency service organization. The Safe Haven Baby Box provides an alternative for individuals who are uncomfortable making this type of personal connection. Living in a small community, taking an infant to any of these locations can cause fear of encountering someone whom you know, with the Safe Haven Baby Box there is no face-to-face interaction, taking that fear away.

This alternative allows partners to place their infant in a climate-controlled safety incubator. The Baby Box has heating and cooling features and locks immediately once the infant is inside. A silent alarm will alert the hospital staff within seconds of an infant being left in the box, granting anonymity to those who might otherwise consider leaving the baby outside and in the elements.

This is another avenue for parents to make a safe choice if the need arises. The box is located on the south side of the hospital near the ambulance bay (1250 S. Washington Street), and there is clear signage guiding individuals on how to use the box.