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Community Health Improvement

An increasing number of people all across the United States and Ohio are struggling to provide basic needs for themselves and their families. Van Wert County residents are no different. Since 2011, Van Wert Health has partnered with the Van Wert County General Health District, Westwood Behavioral Health Center along with various community organizations to form the Van Wert County Health Collaborative. Although many things have changed since 2011, the vision of working together to improve the health of individuals, families, and our community has remained consistent. In January 2018 the Van Wert County Health Collaborative adopted a collaborative charter which clearly defines why our agencies believe aligning efforts and joining forces. This charter is the driving force for all we do to create a healthy community.

A primary component of creating a healthy community is assessing the needs and prioritizing those needs for impact. Every three years a community health needs assessment (CHNA) is conducted to identify primary health issues, current health status and needs. The results from the CHNA provide critical information to those in a position to make a positive impact on the health of the region’s residents.  The results enable community members to not only measure impact from the previous Community Health Improvement Plans (CHIP) but also to strategically establish priorities and develop interventions and direct resources to improve the health of people living in the community.

From the 2017-2019 CHIP three sub-teams were formed to address the selected priority issues for Van Wert.

  • Live Health Van Wert! Team focuses on decreasing obesity. 
  • Overdose Prevention Coalition (formerly the Behioral Health team) focuses on increasing access to evidence based treatment and resources for substance abuse. 
  • Access to Health Care focuses on increasing the number of Medicaid transports specific to health related services. 
The progress of meeting the local priorities is monitored with measurable indicators identified by the Van Wert County Health Collaborative.

2018 is once again a survey year with the CHNA being conducted September through November and facilitated by
Hospital Council of Northwest Ohio. Both adult and youth residents of Van Wert County will be randomly selected to complete a written assessment. The confidential results of these assessments will be compiled into a comprehensive report and used to evaluate progress and impact of collaborative efforts as well as determine priorities for future health improvement plans. Assessment results will be released at a community event Spring 2019 and the collaborative will begin the process of developing the 2020-2022 Community Health Improvement Plan.

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