Hospitalist Program

Providing the Highest Quality Care Around the Clock

Hospitalist physicians and nurse practitioners are available at Van Wert Health 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide careful medical oversight. Hospitalists typically work in shifts. This means that you might see more than one hospitalist during your course of stay, depending on how long you are in the hospital.

The members of the Van Wert Health Hospitalist Team are dedicated to providing the very best medical care during your hospital stay, and collaborating closely with patients and families for a safe transition between hospital and family physician.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a Hospitalist Caring for me Instead of my Regular Doctor?

The skills required for office practice and hospital practice have less and less overlap. By focusing on the skills needed for hospital care, our Hospitalist Physicians provide excellent, up-to-date medical treatment that primary care physicians and specialists want their patients to receive in the hospital. Being cared for by hospitalists also allows primary care physicians to focus their full attention on providing the very best care for their patients in the office setting. Your PCP has chosen to use the Hospitalist services voluntarily.

Can I Talk With my Regular Doctor?

Yes, the primary care physician-patient relationship is a powerful part of the healing process. It is understandable that our patients might wish to speak with their own doctors, especially at critical times in their treatment or evaluation plan. Your doctor can also make a social visit to the hospital to see you, if they prefer to do so.

Will the Hospitalist be Talking With my Regular Doctor?

Yes, during any hospital stay, our Hospitalist Physicians “partner” with primary care physicians or specialists, keeping them informed of any important events as needed.