Van Wert Health Literacy Program

The school year ended a little differently than we planned when school began in the Fall. Our Van Wert Health team of speech-language pathologists want to help you and your child be prepared for Fall 2020 through our new Literacy Program.

The development of early language and literacy skills is essential to students’ academic achievement, social well-being, and lifetime opportunities. It is estimated that more than a third of all American fourth graders read so poorly that they cannot complete their schoolwork successfully. Providing young children with the critical precursor skills to reading can help them drastically in the future with reading comprehension, writing, spelling, and overall academic achievement. Our Literacy Program is designed for students ages 3-10.

We are offering a free screening to anyone who would like to determine if their child would benefit from formal speech therapy to build their literacy skills. Call us today to learn more about this essential program: 419-238-4074.